Show 006 – Trip to Scotland (2018-03-10)

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In this episode, Katie and Joe feature the music of Scotland. Although most folks imagine the Great Highland Bagpipe when they think of Scottish music, Scotland is home to an incredibly rich musical heritage that influenced the rest of the Celtic nations. Don?t worry, we included a couple of bagpipe tracks just for you diehard piping fans.


# Track >Artist Release
1 Miss Drummond of Perth/Maggie Cameron/The Favourite The Cameron Men Classic Scots Fiddle Recordings from the Thirties
2 Lily of the West Altan The Poison Glen
3 Trundle’s: Trundle’s-Paddy Fahey’s-Ryan’s Rant Liz Knowles Making Time
4 Glesga Peggy Alan Reid & Rob Van Sante The Dear Green Place
5 Dobby’s Jig Rebecca Lomnicky & David Brewer The Fire
6 The Humors Of Tulla/Toss The Feathers/Saint Anne’s Reel/Lexy Mcaskill/The Limerick Lasses/Jean’s Reel Silly Wizard Live Wizardry
7 Cutty’s Wedding/The Flagon/The Little Cascade Allan MacDonald The Highland Sessions Volume One
8 Chi Mi’n Geamhradh-‘i See Winter’ Catherine Anne MacPhee Chi Mi’n Geamhradh-‘i See Winter’
9 Soar Harem Scarem The Birnam Witch Project
10 The Castlebay Scrap/Stuarts Rant Sileas Play on Light
11 The Canongate Twitch / Steamboat To Detroit / Twenty Pounds Of Gin / Break Yer Bass Drone Battlefield Band Rain, Hail, or Shine
12 Beautiful Wasteland Capercaillie Beautiful Wasteland
13 Feasgar Luain (Monday Evening) Alasdair Codona The Highland Sessions Volume Three
14 The Loch Tay Boat Song Silly Wizard Kiss the Tears Away
15 Battle Of The Waterloo (March)/Wee Highland Laddie (March)/The 8th Argyil’s Farewell Hamish Moore Dannsa’ Air An Drochaid (Stepping on the Bridge)
17 Hey Johnny Cope Alan Reid & Rob Van Sante Rise and Fall o’ Charlie
18 The Creggan White Hare Dick Gaughan & Andy Irvine Parallel Lines
19 Hé Mantú Cran Music from the Edge of the World
21 Three Brothers Battlefield Band Zama Zama-Try Your Luck
22 Du’s Daein’ Dat Aa Wrang Harem Scarem Let Them Eat Fishcake