Show 024 – 6th Free For All (2018-07-14)

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It’s Summertime up here in northwestern Nevada, which means it’s typical high desert weather: hot and cold in the same twenty four hour period. There’s no theme this week, but we do have a fine selection of Breton music in the middle of our show. Don’t worry, though–we’re not going to hit you up with the traditional, Breton biniou/bombarde combination, as that’s definitely an acquired taste. Katie also pulled up a couple of old 78s from the Internet Archive for research, and we realized that the music was so lively and danceable–even though it was from the 1920s–that we had to include a couple of cuts in this week’s show.We’ve got some new releases from flute player, Freya Rae & Louis Bingham and concertina player, Mary McNamara And Sorcha Costello. We also play some cuts from Deaf Shepherd, Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon, favorites The Friel Sisters, Lindsay Straw, Bridget Fitzgerald, and Jerry O’sullivan.


# Track >Artist Release
1 It’s In The Wind-The Laurel Tree-Repeal The Union The Friel Sisters Before The Sun
2 The Bonny Light Horseman-The Song of the Passion Lindsay Straw My Mind From Love Being Free
3 Glengarrys Foxhunter-Wink and She’ll Follow-Widow Well Married Alan Reid & Rachel Conlon A Quare Yield
4 Peigin Leitir Moir Bridget Fitzgerald Two Sides of a Coyne
5 Comb Your Hair and Curl It-The Boys of Ballisodare-Larry McDonagh’s Méabh & Tiarnán Smyth Méabh & Tiarnán Smyth
6 Paddy Fahey’s Reel-The East Galway Reel Éilís Crean Searbh Siúcra
7 Spirit Of The Dance-Dans Loudieg-The Bulga Between Words
8 Casadh Cam na Feadarnaighe Coda Train of Spirits
9 Eleanor Neary’s-Thrush In The Storm-Sandymount-Bells In Brighton Fódhla Notes From Mill Pond
10 Dublin Lassies (Reel) Paddy Killoran & His Pride of Erin Orchestra (from Internet Archive)
11 Tune For Tom, Therese’s Tune, Ahern’s Egg (Jigs) Therese McInerney Down The Strand
12 The One-Horned Cow, The Limestone Rock Liam Walsh (from Internet Archive)
13 Hanter Dro Du Trhic-Buxus Sempervirens Etienne Granjean Accordéon Diatonique
14 Night in Nanchang-Cooks Pond-Rockfleet Reel Blás Blás
15 The Rakes Of Clonmel-The Glenshane Pass-O’Leary’s Motorbike (jigs) Réalta Clear Skies
16 Westoe Kathryn Tickell The Best Of
17 Lark in the Morning/Hardiman’s Fancy/Francis Aucoin The Magic Square Isn’t Anyone Going to Stop Them?
18 Clam Bagad Quic-En-Groigne (Various Artists) Bagadoù L’anthologie
19 Mike In The Wilderness Jerry O’sullivan The Gift
20 Vals Bretón-Muineira Picada Susana Seivane Alma De Buxo
21 Highlanders Luar Na Lubre Beira-Atlántica
22 Gavotenn (Ton Doubl) Pennoù Skoulm Fest-Noz
23 Schottische Du Stockfish Ad Vielle Que Pourra New French Folk Music
24 Tri Martelod Tri Yann An Naoned
25 Leinster Buttermilk-The Low Road To Glin-Launching The Boat Mary McNamara And Sorcha Costello The Lady’s Cup Of Tea
26 The Limerick Lassies, The New-Mown Meadow Noel Hill & Tony MacMahon In Knocknagree
27 The Watchmaker Freya Rae & Louis Bingham Curlicue
28 New Pa (Ross Battery/Johann McTartan/Lochiel’s Awa Tae France/Flowers of Red Hill) Deaf Shepherd Ae Spark O’ Nature’s Fire
29 Wee C Whistle Set Nuala Kennedy & Mike Bryan A Wee Selection