Show 075 – Free For All (2019-08-23)

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Over the past few weeks, Katie and Joe had collected a bunch of shiny, new recordings. We dig deep and sample tracks from all these, and find treasures on all of them. There’s no theme this week, so we just pick the tracks we like so that you can enjoy them too.This week, we play tracks from: New Road; Kiérah; Gráinne Holland; Floriane Blancke; Connla; Lucie Périer; Carl Hession, Francis Cunningham, & Eimear Coughlan; Kevin Crawford; Colin Farrell; & Patrick Doocey; Jason O’rourke & Ruadhrai O’kane; Barzaz; Guichen; Gwennyn; Mary Mc Laughlin; and Shantalla.


# Track >Artist Release
1 Ben’s Brogues-The Whinny Hills Of Leitrim-The Leitrim Quickstep-Jig For Johnny New Road Stone Walls & Street Lights
2 Jim Hodder’s Reel-The Highlander Who Kissed His Granny-The Flying-Dowd’s #9 Kiérah Strong Bow
3 Shíl Mé Féin Gráinne Holland Gaelré
4 Trip to Achill-Dooagh Bay Floriane Blancke Kaleidoscope
5 Pilot Connla River Waiting
6 Finbar Dwyer’s-Ned Coleman’s-Tickle Her Leg (jigs) Lucie Périer Irish Sets
7 The Aran Cruiser-A Trip to the Village-The Drinker and the Whiskey (Jigs) Carl Hession, Francis Cunningham & Eimear Coughlan Úrnua
8 The Road to Maugheraboy-The Moneymusk-The Dowry Kevin Crawford, Colin Farrell, Patrick Doocey Music & Mischief
9 Reels the Scent of the Bog-Gan Ainm-Merry Sisters Jason O’rourke & Ruadhrai O’kane Roguery Road
10 Dañs fisel Barzaz Ec’honder
11 Den bleiz Guichen BroZHers
12 Les Lavandieres De Nuit Gwennyn Avalon
13 Seal Lament Mary Mc Laughlin Sacred Days Mythic Ways
14 Sean Sa Cheo-Hunter’s Purse-Duncan Johnstone-Mairtin Quinn’s-The Pigtown Fling-Storming Through Shantalla Shantalla
15 The Gleanntán Reel/The Sandymount Reel/The Beauty Spot/The Ravelled Hank Of Yarn/The Midnight Reel Mícheál Ó Raghallaigh, Paul Doyle, Michelle O’Brien, Troy Bannon & Cyril O’Donoghue Geantraí