Show 138 – Piping Hot

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This week, Katie and Joe skirl up a show of bagpipes from across the Celtic world. We play tracks featuring the Great Highland Bagpipe and Northumbrian Smallpipes of Scotland, Uilleann Pipes of Ireland, Gaita of Galicia, and the pipe bands of Brittany. Love them or hate them, you have to acknowledge that bagpipes has defined an entire genre of music, yet there is so much more than the Great Highland Bagpipe. Most of us in the US are used to thinking of bagpipes as a very regimental style steeped in Scottish and British military tradition, but we don’t feature any regimental piping this week. It’s all music for dancing!

“The Bag-pipe is good enough Musick for them who love it; but sure it is not so good as the Almain Whistle. With us any Captain may keep a Piper in his Company, and maintain him too, for no pay is allowed him, perhaps just as much as he deserveth.” – Sir James Turner, ‘Pallas Armata’ (1683)

This week, we play Koun, Gordon Duncan, Anna Murray, Kathryn Tickell, Mick O’Brien, Susana Seivane, Carlos Nuñez, Men Ha Tan Bagad, Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford, Tim Hill, Faliq Auri Trio, and Deaf Shepherd.

Our FairPlé score this week: 33


# Track Artist Release
1 Glen Where The Deer Is-The Ivy Leaf-The Dublin Lasses Nuala Kennedy Behave the Bravest
2 Dans Plinn Koun C’est En Souhaitant Bonsoir
3 The Inverness Gathering-Unknown-The Bee In The Knickers-Hardiman The Fiddler Gordon Duncan Thunderstruck
4 Reels Anna Murray Three Things
5 Jamie’s Air-Jamie’s Jig-In the Shadow of the Angel Kathryn Tickell The Best Of
6 May Morning Dew-Sporting Nell (Air, Reel) Mick O’Brien May Morning Dew
7 Glen Where The Deer Is-The Ivy Leaf-The Dublin Lasses Nuala Kennedy Behave the Bravest
8 O Saviñao-Pasodoble De Pousada Susana Seivane Susana Seivane
9 Galice Carlos Nuñez Les cornemuses d’Europe en Cornouaille
10 Cap’tain Men Ha Tan Bagad, Henri Texier Doue lann
11 The Birds Cillian Vallely & Kevin Crawford On Common Ground
12 Reels; The Shoemaker’s Daughter-The Market Day-Music at the Gate Tim Hill Ceol ag an nGeata; Music at the Gate
13 Mourning Rain Faliq Auri Trio Train to Béal Feirste
14 Gie’s A Drink Deaf Shepherd Ae Spark O Nature’s Fire