Show 147 – Justice

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This week, we’re featuring the theme of Justice and Oppression. From great epics of entire populations under an oppressor’s thumb to a lone woman cleverly gaining the upper hand on an attacker, Irish and Scottish music has a long history of songs that galvanized nations into action.

As the Irish visionary, James Conolly, stated, “No revolutionary movement is complete without its poetical expression. If such a movement has caught hold of the imagination of the masses they will seek a vent in song for the aspirations, the fears and the hopes, the loves and the hatreds engendered by the struggle. Until the movement is marked by the joyous, defiant, singing of revolutionary songs, it lacks one of the most distinctive marks of a popular revolutionary movement, it is the dogma of a few, and not the faith of the multitude.”

This week, we feature artists: Len Graham, Frank Harte-Donal Lunny, Gráinne Murphy, Oirialla, Ed Miller, Brendan Ring, The Black Family, Martin Carthy With Dave Swarbrick, Great Big Sea, Poor Man’s Gambit, Lindsay Straw, Solas, and Legacy.

Our FairPlé score this week: 43


# Track Artist Release
1 Glen Where The Deer Is-The Ivy Leaf-The Dublin Lasses Nuala Kennedy Behave the Bravest
2 Do Me Justice Len Graham Claddagh’s Choice, Vol. I & II
3 Skibbereen Frank Harte-Donal Lunny The Hungry Voice (The Song Legacy Of Ireland’s Great Hunger
4 The Night Before Poor Larry Was Stretched/Drops Of Brandy/To Limerick We Will Go Gráinne Murphy Short Stories
5 The Boys of Mullaghabawn Oirialla Oirialla
6 Rights Of Man Frank Harte-Donal Lunny 1798 The First Year Of Liberty
7 McPherson’s Farewell Ed Miller Lyrics of Gold
8 The Robbery of Chester Jail-Ri Ring’s Brendan Ring Troublesome Things
9 Glen Where The Deer Is-The Ivy Leaf-The Dublin Lasses Nuala Kennedy Behave the Bravest
10 The Song of the Diggers The Black Family Time for Touching Home
11 Lovely Joan Martin Carthy With Dave Swarbrick Martin Carthy
12 Captain Kidd Great Big Sea Courage & Patience & Grit
13 William Taylor Poor Man’s Gambit Kind Providence
14 The Crafty Maid’s Policy-Fingal’s Cave (Strathspey) -Sheepskins & Beeswax (Reel) Lindsay Straw The Fairest Flower of Womankind
15 Seven Curses Solas For Love and Laughter
16 The Maids of Selma-the Mist Covered Mountain-the Wheels of T Legacy Navan