Show 164 – Scottish

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If you’re expecting Scottish music just to be Robert Burns songs and military pipe bands, you’re in for a treat–because this week, Katie Marie and Joe put together a set of high-energy Scottish bands and music for you. It’s music for carousing, dancing, singing, and enjoying life to the fullest. This week and next, Scotland usually celebrates museums and culture, the BBC hosts a giant pop festival, and the season of highland games commences. Due to the pandemic, these events have been curtailed this year, but for this hour, you can close your eyes and imagine yourself in a small pub in Inverness or listening to the bands and buskers along Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

This week, we feature the artists: Ann Gray, Mari Black, Karine Polwart, Silly Wizard, Battlefield Band, Harem Scarem, Bannal, Eamon Doorley-Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh-Julie Fowlis-Ross Martin, Alan Reid & Rob van Sante, Gordon Duncan, Bonnie Rideout, The Fire, and Jamie Macdonald & Christian Gamauf.

Our FairPlé score this week: 62


# Track Artist Release
1 Glen Where The Deer Is-The Ivy Leaf-The Dublin Lasses Nuala Kennedy Behave the Bravest
2 …& The Drunken Landlady Ann Gray A Twist In The Tale
3 The Msr (Magnificent Scottish Revelry) Lord Huntly’s Cave-Craigellachie Bridge-The Bride’s Reel-The Gladstone Mari Black Flight
4 Medusa (Bonus Track) Karine Polwart This Earthly Spell (Expanded Edition)
5 The Parish Of Dunkeld; The Curlew Silly Wizard Live Wizardry
6 The Auchengeich Disaster Battlefield Band Zama Zama-Try Your Luck
7 Is It The Sea? Harem Scarem Storm In A Teacup
8 Glen Where The Deer Is-The Ivy Leaf-The Dublin Lasses Nuala Kennedy Behave the Bravest
9 An Long Eireannach (Clapping Song) Bannal Waulking Songs
10 Alasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda Eamon Doorley-Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh-Julie Fowlis-Ross Martin Dual
11 Mile Marbhpaisg Air An t-Saoghal. Alan Reid & Rob van Sante Rise & Fall o’ Charlie
12 Thunderstruck-Angus Thing Gordon Duncan Thunderstruck
13 Tibby Fouller O’ the Glen-The Lonach Highland Fling-Miss Shepherd-Dr. Gordon Stables’ Reel Bonnie Rideout Scottish Fire
14 Perilous Pipe Jigs The Fire Marigold
15 The Step Dancer Reels Jamie Macdonald & Christian Gamauf The Pipe Slang