Show 323 – Summertime

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Summertime is finally here, with warm sun, green trees, thunderstorms, and lazy days. Katie Marie and Joe put together an hour of music celebrating Summer, in all it’s blazing and raining glory.

This week, we play tracks from: Liam Merriman & Eoin O Meachair; Altan; James Keane; Leoin Rua; Kathleen MacInnes; Liz Carroll & John Doyle; The Ceili Bandits; The Shee; Great Big Sea; Mary Mc Laughlin; Dave Sheridan & Seán Smythe with Paul Meehan; Zoë Conway; Matt Molloy; and Blackie O’Connell & Cyril O’Donoghue.

The FairPlé score this week: 50


# Track Artist Release
1 Glen Where The Deer Is-The Ivy Leaf-The Dublin Lasses Nuala Kennedy Behave the Bravest
2 Summer Day Reflection Song Liam Merriman & Eoin O Meachair The Birds Never Cease
3 Samhradh (Slow Reel)-Aniar Aduaidh (Jig)-The Donegal Jig Altan The Widening Gyre
4 Paddy Taylor’s-The First Month Of Summer-Sporting Molly James Keane James Keane
5 P. stands for Paddy Leoin Rua A l’Auberge du Lion Rouge
6 Dh’erich Mi Moch Madainn Cheitein Kathleen MacInnes Og-mhadainn Shamhraidh-Summer Dawn
7 Before the Storm-The Black Rogue Liz Carroll & John Doyle Double Play
8 Callum’s Jig, Doolin Moon, Thunderhead’ The Ceili Bandits Hangin’ At The Crossroads
9 Glen Where The Deer Is-The Ivy Leaf-The Dublin Lasses Nuala Kennedy Behave the Bravest
10 Summer’s Promise The Shee A Different Season
11 Summer Great Big Sea Something Beautiful
12 Thugamar Féin An Samhradh Linn Mary Mc Laughlin Sacred Days Mythic Ways
13 Handsome Sally-Sunny Banks-Reel Of Rio Dave Sheridan & Seán Smythe with Paul Meehan The Leitrim Equation
14 Butter and Peas Fahey’s The First Month Of Summer Zoë Conway Zoë Conway
15 The Rainy Daythe Grand Canal (Reels) Matt Molloy Matt Molloy, Paul Brady And Tommy Peoples
16 Friars Green-London Jig-Stormy Night Blackie O’Connell & Cyril O’Donoghue Friars Green