Show 017 – Memorial Day (2018-05-26)

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This was an especially difficult playlist to whittle down to a mere two hours. In this episode, Katie and Joe present a more somber playlist dedicated to the men and women killed and wounded in war, and to those who came home unharmed but changed forever. SInce we’re a Celtic-themed show, we focus on the experiences of Irish and Scots in conflicts starting back in 1585 in the Anglo-Spanish war and continuing through World War II. Whether it’s the first meeting with a recruiting sergeant, in the heart of combat, or being discharged, there’s an epic song commemorating the event.Artists such as Andy Irvine, John Doyle, Niamh Parsons, Old Blind Dogs, Battlefield Band, and Mary Black sing some pretty stark lyrics that describe well the difficulties, horrors, and glories of combat.


# Track >Artist Release
1 Mrs. McGrath Donal Clancy Songs of a Roving Blade
2 Battle of Aughrim Joey Abarta N/A
3 Aughrim’s Great Disaster Shay Black N/A
4 Hey Johnny Cope Alan Reid & Rob van Sante Rise and Fall o’ Charlie
5 Mo Ghile Mear Mary Black Binn Blasta! The Irish Traditional Music Special
6 Bunker Hill Dermot Byrne The Highland Sessions Volume One
7 Felix the Soldier Usher’s Island Usher’s Island
8 Bonny Woodhall Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny Andy Irvine and Donal Lunny
9 The Banks Of The Nile Roger Landes And Chipper Thompson The Janissary Stomp
10 The Pikeman’s March, The Battle of Waterloo Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band 40th Anniversary
11 Battle Of Waterloo Old Blind Dogs The World’s Room
12 Eighteenth Of June Frank Harte & Donal Lunny My Name Is Napoleon Bonaparte
13 The Wounded Huzzar Niamh Parsons Blackbirds and Thrushes
14 John Riley Shantalla Seven Evenings, Seven Mornings
15 The Men that God Made Mad-L’Entrada de l’Angestura Niamh Parsons & Graham Dunne Live at Fylde
16 The Fighting 69th The Wolfe Tones The Anthology of Irish Song
17 Clear The Way John Doyle Shadow And Light
18 Recruiting Sergeant Great Big Sea Play
19 Will Ye Go To Flanders Providence A Fig For A Kiss
20 Song: The Foggy Dew Chulrua Barefoot on the Altar
21 Óró ‘Sé Do Bheatha ‘Bhaile (Song) Gailfean Won’t You Come Out Tonight
22 Heights of Cassino Nuala Kennedy & Mike Bryan A Wee Selection
23 The Beaches Of St Valery-Elizabeth Clare Battlefield Band Rain, Hail, Or Shine
24 Peace March (T.Denman) Todd Denman Celtic Peace
25 Wee C Whistle Set Nuala Kennedy & Mike Bryan A Wee Selection