Show 018 – The Sin of Piping (2018-05-22)

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Put in the earplugs and hide the cats! Grab your sporran and a mouthful of haggis, because this is a show that features bagpipes of all types. From the veuze and biniou of Brittany, the gaita of Galicia, the great highland bagpipe of Scotland, the Northumbrian pipes, and Ireland’s uilleann pipes, we cover them in this show. The musical breadth and virtuosity required to play these finicky instruments is evident in every track we’ve chosen.Since a two-hour-long, solid wall of bagpipes is a little much, we do intersperse with some tasty tracks that have no pipes at all…or at least minimal pipes.This week’s artists include the piping greats, Paddy Keenan, Seamus Ennis, and Leo Rowsome, along with Maire Ni Ghrada, Susana Seivane, Cillian Vallely, and The Friel Sisters. We’ve got a couple of new material from Adam Agee & John Sousa, Niamh Dunne, and FullSet.


# Track >Artist Release
1 Gordon Mcleod’s Set Ann Gray Tales of Magpies & Ravens
2 The Dusty Miller-The Four Courts-The Merry Sisters The Friel Sisters Before The Sun
3 Epona Beth Patterson Momotaro!
4 Reels Barry’s Trip To Paris-Hilda’s Choice-Tommy Peoples’ Eliot Grasso Standing Room Only
5 (Maire Ni Ghrada)-The Queen of the Rushes Various The Piper’s Rock
6 Suite Plinn Bagad Keriz Bagadoù L’Anthologie
7 Xota De Ninodaguia, Muiñeira Do Muiño De Peizas, Polca Para Erica Susana Seivane Susana Seivane
8 The Tempest-The Porthole of Kelp-The Road To Garrison Adam Agee & Jon Sousa Ceol na gCarad
9 King George IV Strathspey (Straspey)-The King’s Reel (Reel) Hamish Moore Stepping On The Bridge
10 (Louise Mulcahey) The Ravelled Hank of Yarn-Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel Various A New Dawn
11 May Morning Dew-Sporting Nell (Air, Reel) Mick O’Brien May Morning Dew
12 The Fair Maid Dervish Harmony Hill
13 Bruce Gandy Solo Set: Catrina Baker, Green Groves of Erin, The Wellesley Express, The Wise Maiden, The Bletherskate-The Galtee Ranger The 78th Fraser Highlanders Live in Concert in Ireland
14 An Coolin March-Farewell To Lissycasey-Trim The Velvet The Friel Sisters Before The Sun
15 T. Allen Doe-Robyn Emily Gray Ann Gray Tales of Magpies & Ravens
16 Para Milladoiro Susana Seivane Os Soños Que Volven
17 The Dead Rabbit Cillian Vallely Raven’s Rock
18 Shanagolden Niamh Dunne Portraits
19 The Fox Chase Leo Rowsome Rí Na Bpíobairí
20 Old Bush-Bucks Of Oranmore Paddy Keenan & Paddy Glackin Doublin’
21 The Flags Of Dublin, The Wind That Shakes The Barley Seamus Ennis The Wandering Minstrel
22 Randolph’s Leap Part 1 Calum Stewart Tales From The North
23 Randolph’s Leap Part 2 Calum Stewart Tales From The North
24 (Jack Armstrong) Wild Hills o ‘Wannies Various Bagpipes of Britain and Ireland
25 The Bright Side Of The Moon FullSet Notes Between The Lines
26 Reels: The Abbey-The West Clare-The New Mown Meadow Joey Abarta This Is My Voice
27 Wee C Whistle Set Nuala Kennedy & Mike Bryan A Wee Selection