Show 300 – Promises and Resolutions

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This week, Katie Marie and Joe prepare their lists of resolutions for the coming new year. We’ve assembled an hour of Celtic music dealing with the new year, promises made and broken, and the spirit of January in general.

Our artists this week: Méabh O’Hare & Conor Byrne, Niamh Ní Charra, The House Devils, Frankie Gavin & Catherine McHugh, The Kane Sisters, Seán Gavin, Danú, Peter Nardini, Deira Band, English Acoustic Collective, Burning Bridget Cleary, Ryan Joseph Burns, and The Bonny Men.

Our FairPlé score this week: 38


# Track Artist Release
1 Glen Where The Deer Is-The Ivy Leaf-The Dublin Lasses Nuala Kennedy Behave the Bravest
2 Farewell To Drogheda-New Years Dip-Fergus Og’s Méabh O’Hare & Conor Byrne Bavan
3 Tadgh And Biddy’s-Denis Murphy’s #2-Mary Shea’s Promise to her Dog-Dust on the Bible (Waltz-Slides) Niamh Ní Charra Cuz
4 The Month of January House Devils, The Irish Folk: Adieu to Old Ireland
5 The Broken Pledge-The Pak Tree Frankie Gavin & Catherine McHugh Port Eireann
6 Do You Want Anymore, Broken Pledge, Maud Miller The Kane Sisters The Well Tempered Bow
7 The Girl of the Big House-A Night to Remember-Paddy Killoran’s Seán Gavin The Fisherman’s Island
8 Rince Garbhchriche Ri Seoirse IV, The Road To Cashel, Cafferkey’s Shine Danú All Things Considered
9 Glen Where The Deer Is-The Ivy Leaf-The Dublin Lasses Nuala Kennedy Behave the Bravest
10 Hogmanay-Atholl Highlanders Peter Nardini The Best Of Battlefield Band 1977-2001-Temple Records
11 Hogmanay Polka Deira Band Alba
12 Bleary Winter English Acoustic Collective Ghosts
13 On a Sea of Fleur De Lis Burning Bridget Cleary Pressed for Time
14 Is There for Honest Poverty (A Man’s A Man) Ryan Joseph Burns Burns on Burns Vol I
15 Repeal of the Union-O’ Connell’s Trip to Parliament The Bonny Men The Broken Pledge